Multiple Teams · GISD Athletic Spectator Policy

GISD Athletic Spectator Policy

Parents and spectators should be aware that the school officials (administrators and/or police officers) can and will remove them from the premises due to any type of disruptive behavior. Disruptive behaviors can be defined as but not limited to foul or abusive language, berating of officials, taunting of opposing fans, players, or coaches, lack of cooperation with school officials, not remaining in the bleachers, refusing to leave a restricted area, etc… When parents/spectators are removed, the follow suspensions will be assigned.

1st Offense: 30 Day Suspension from date of incident
2nd Offense: 365 Day Suspension from date of incident

Each incident is individually reviewed and school administrators have the discretion to determine if a longer suspension is necessary due to the severity of the incident.

Upon removal, a meeting will be scheduled with the parent/spectator, the athletic director and the campus principal to review the incident, details of the suspension and expectations upon return from suspension. During the time of suspension, the parent/spectator will be trespassed from all GISD facilities and events.